Christmas ornament patterns are very quick knitting projects, so besides dressing up your own home or tree for the holidays, these cute ornaments make great gifts for friends and family to cherish. If you have grandchildren like I do, start a new holiday tradition by knitting Christmas ornaments for them. I had so much fun searching for different holiday patterns!  These small knitted treasures, including Christmas dishcloth patterns, make great additions to gift baskets for the person who has everything.

Knitted Christmas Bell pattern

Christmas Ornament Patterns for Knitters

The Knitted Christmas Bells by Jane Lake are featured in the photo at the left and are so cute! The pattern can be found at  AllFreeCrafts. Jane suggested that these bells could also be used as wedding bells. What a unique way to embellish a gift, either  at Christmas or for a wedding.

I just discovered a new blog to read called Natural Suburbia. Author Linda Dawkins lives in South Africa and offers some really cute Christmas ornament patterns on her blog, included a Santa Hat, a tiny Christmas sweater and in her latest blog posting, a Christmas gnome. Lots of cute ornament patterns, all in one place!

Angels are very popular for Christmas and there are quite few knitting angel patterns. I loved this tiny  knitted in three dimensional like from LucyBug Patterns. LucyBug Patterns is a charity knit-a-long and I love that idea. Stop by and leave a comment if you use her pattern.

This 3-D angel knitting pattern is also felted and is by Mummble-Jummble. This knitted angel would make a beautiful keepsake for a daughter or granddaugher. Really beautiful!

Besides round angels, there are also lots of flat angel ornaments. Here’s one from Knitting on the Net designed by J. Barrett.

Lion Brand had a cute idea for a gift for you kitty friends-a round knitted Christmas ornament filled with catnip. Lion Brand requires registration but it’s free. If you like Fair Isle and felting,

Lion Brand had another beautiful ornament using both these techniques.

There are 423 free Christmas ornament patterns for knitters on Ravelry! Even if you knitted one a day for an entire year, you couldn’t make all of them so there’s sure to be something you like. Registration is required on Ravelry but it’s free and their pattern search is terrific! Lots of beautiful knitting and crochet patterns up up by members.

Christmas Dishcloth Knitting Patterns

Dishcloths take no time at all to knit up and make great additions to a gift basket or as a gift all by themselves. These patterns can be knitting a variety of holiday colors to

Sugar and Cream Christmas Colors

make they all unique. Most take only one skein of cotton yarn like Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn: Ombres, Christmas Mistletoe

Christmas dishcloth from Ribbed for Your Pleasure

I loved the stitch on this cute Christmas dishcloth pattern. It looks like little Christmas ornaments. It’s from a blog called Ribbed for Your Pleasure and Inspired by a stitch in  The Illustrated Guide to Knitting, a knitting book by Pam Dawson.

This pattern comes from Knitting on the Net. A Christmas Tree Dishcloth pattern by Barbara Breiter, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Knitting & Crocheting Illustrated (3rd ed.)

This angel dishcloth pattern by Amy-lynne Mitchell could be knitted in red, green or white to make it a beautiful holiday treasure.

A Christmas ornament dishcloth pattern by Emily Jargos, featured in her blog, Designs by Emily and a Santa hat by Roxee’s Knitting Fun complete the holiday dishcloth pattern section.

Once I started looking, I found too many cute Christmas ornament patterns to even attempt to include here. If you start with these links though, it should keep you busy until Christmas and you’ll find the perfect ornament for everyone on your list.